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December Updates!

SATURDAY 12/10 from 12-2 and next SATURDAY 12/17 from 12-2 to peacefully protest Petland in Fenton. The holidays are an important time to let the community know that puppies aren't presents and there are numerous alternatives with adoption from shelters and rescues.

Weather guidelines: If temps fall below 35 degrees we will cancel. If it rains/snows, or there is at least a 75% chance, we will cancel. We want to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. We will announce weather-related cancellation on our FB Group and our new public FB page.

Time to Contact the Media!!

THANK YOU to everyone who commented and shared when Petland was spotlighted on the StudioSTL morning show on Fox 2 in St. Louis. KMOX, 97/1, and KPLR are also promoting them. While most of these are PAID advertising segments by Petland, and Fox2 removed the Studio STL FB post, we need to keep contacting them to let them know that by continuing to support Petland by accepting their advertising dollars, the stations (Fox2 and KPLR Channel 11) are promoting animal abuse, puppy mill cruelty, and predatory lending practice! Let them know the truth, WHY animals aren’t presents, and the alternatives of adoption rather than buying from stores like Petland. Please be respectful and share factual information!

We have lots of info on puppy mills, how you can help, and letter writing tips, sample letters to editors, and contact links on our FB Group Guides.

Thank you for your support and for speaking up for the animals!

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