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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead

We believe that there is no singular answer—every little bit helps when it comes to making an impact. There are many ways to take action, all of which are key elements to the success of our purpose. Have a look at some of the opportunities to get involved below, and get in touch for more information about how you can do your part.

The goal of Dogs Uncaged is to educate ourselves and others on puppy mills, puppy mill legislation, pet stores that sell puppies, and organization of peaceful protests to create awareness on the pet store/puppy mill connection in Missouri.

We are not a registered charitable organization. We are a collective of animal advocates that volunteer with local rescues, as well as state-wide and national organizations.

Our Mission


Our advocates volunteer with organizations such as Bailing Out Benji, Harley's Dream, Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, St. Louis Animal Rights Team, and multiple local rescues.

Please consider volunteering your time and talents to these organizations to help promote awareness about the horrors of puppy mills, the connection between puppy mills and pet stores, as well as helping to secure better lives for animals in Missouri.

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Peaceful Protest Demonstrations

We hold regular peacfeul protests outside of Petland in Fenton, Mo. to inform the community about the Petland and puppy mill connection.

We would love for you to join us!

contact us by email

More Ways to Help

Contact Legislators/Local Governments

The following organizations provide excellent resources for contacting legislators and letter writing:

Missouri Alliance For Animal Legislation

Harley's Dream: Contact Your Lawmakers

Bailing Our Benji: How You Can Help

Best Friends: End Puppy Mills

Senate Contact Information

House of Representatives

Contact Media

Examples: Letters to the Editor, Op Ed pieces, Share your thoughts on media outlet social media accounts.

Share on Social Media

Share you thoughts, legislative news, protest information, puppy mill awareness, etc... on your social media channels.

Display yard signs, bumper stickers..

You can share your thoughts on Petland and puppy mills by dislplaying on of our yard signs, bumper stickers, or wearing merchandise from animal rights organizations.

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