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Rescue and Adoption Resources

Purchasing a puppy from a pet store enables puppy mills to stay in business. Help stop puppy mills by adopting from reputable animal rescue organizations and shelters and BOYCOTTING pet stores!

* Adopt a Pet
* Petfinder
* No Kill Network
* Open Door Animal Sanctuary
* Canines in Crisis
* Stray and Orphaned Animal Rescue
* Dirk’s Fund
* Humane Society of Missouri
* Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment of St. Louis
* Stray Rescue of St. Louis  
* Gateway Pet Guardians  
* APA Adoption Center
* Five Acres Animal Shelter
* Pet Rescue Network
* Needy Paws Rescue
* St. Louis Senior Dog Project
* Coalition for Animal Rescue and Education
* All About Paws
* Country Acres Rescue
* Goode Life Rescue
* 4 Paws 4 Rescue
* Metro East Humane Society
* Lucky Chance Rescue
* Speak Rescue and Sanctuary
* Stray Paws Rescue
* Yuppy Puppies Forever Rescue
* Not time to Spare Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
* Humane Society of Southeast Missouri
* Stray Haven
* Tenth Life
* The Cat Network
* House Rabbit Society of Missouri
* St. Louis Avian Rescue


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